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三种境界 (The Three Realms)

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Chinese poems in ancient lyrics figuring the three
realms passed through to a success *:

1. seek, see, and set a goal
“Butterfly Loves Flower” – by Yan-Shu (991~1055):

 "As the green trees withered in
  The autumn wind of yesterevening,
  Come up the tower alone, and
  Overlook the skyline a road reaching ..."

2. hard-working on it
“Dwelling Phoenix Tree” – by Liu-Yong (987~1053):

 "No regret of the loosing clothes,
  And pined away for her worth ..."

3. achieve the mastery
New Year’s Eve in “Green-jade Desk” – by Xin-Qiji (1140~1207):

 "Having sought for a thousand times,
  Turn back to find her under eyes ..."



* Cited by Wang-GuoWei (1876-1927): “Poetics the World”, section 26;
Translated in 2001 © Boathill Studio.

Written by Boathill

2001-01-01 at 08:00

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