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English Poetry – Bedford Literature Selection

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First Confession, 1961 – X. J. Kennedy (1929-)

X. J. Kennedy - Knock at a star
Blood thudded in my ears. I scuffed,
  Steps stubborn, to the telltale booth
Beyond whose curtained portal coughed
  The robed repositor of truth.

The slat shot back. The universe
  Bowed down his cratered dome to hear
Enumerated my each curse,
  The sip snitched from my old man’s beer,

My sloth pride envy lechery,
  The dime held back from Peter’s Pence
With which I’d bribed my girl to pee
  That I might spy her instruments.

Hovering scale-pans when I’d done
  Settled their balance slow as silt
While in the restless dark I burned
  Bright as a brimstone in my guilt

Until as one feeds birds he doled
  Seven Our Fathers and a Hail
Which I to double-scrub my soul
  Intoned twice at the altar rail

Where Sunday in seraphic light
  I knelt, as full of grace as most,
And stuck my tongue out at the priest:
  A fresh roost for the Holy Ghost.

Magic of LoveHelen Farries

Helen Farries - Without Some Raindrops Falling
There’s a wonderful gift that can give you a lift,
It’s a blessing from heaven above!
It can comfort and bless, it can bring happiness —
It’s the wonderful Magic of Love!

Like a star in the night, it can keep your faith bright,
Like the sun, it can warm your hearts, too —
It’s a gift you can give every day that you live,
And when given, it comes back to you!

When love lights the way, there is joy in the day
And all troubles are lighter to bear,
Love is gentle and kind, and through love you will find
There’s an answer to your every prayer!

May it never departs from your two loving hearts,
May you treasure this gift from above —
You will find if you do, all your dreams will come true,
In the wonderful Magic of Love!


Written by Boathill

2001-01-01 at 12:00

Posted in Poems

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