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道德经 译文之一

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道德经 之一 (原文)  Tao Te King 1 (Lao Tse, BC 570 – BC 470)

道可道,非常道。    The way could be the way, but not a normal way;
名可名,非常名。    the name could be the name, but not a normal name
無、名天地之始;    Nothing, name the beginning of the world;
有、名萬物之母。    Having, name the origin of the earth
故常無,欲以觀其妙;  So all of nothing, to see its infinite;
常有,欲以觀其徼。   all of having, to see its limit
此兩者,        and name of the difference,
同出而異名,      Both of them, came from the same
同謂之玄。       and both called mystery
玄之又玄,       Mystery of mysteries,
眾妙之門。       of all marvelous the way


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2001-01-26 at 08:00

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