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Tibet was, is and will always be part of China!

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To all you bandwagon jumpers
Who know nothing about Chinese history
And to all you bashers
Let me give you some solid FACTS why
Tibet was, is, and always will be, a part of China
So you can right off trying to separate our country
And YOU ready????

China is NOT a single Ethnic nation,
In fact 56 ethnic groups make up China,
Including Han, Mongols, Koreans, Muslim, Tibetans etc…
And we are all united as CHINESE, in other word,
China is just as Multicultural as Canada,

Tibet has been a part of China for thousands of years.
Yuan Dynasty (1271 AD ── 1368 AD)
Ming Dynasty (1368 AD ── 1644 AD)
Qing Dynasty (1644 AD ── 1911 AD)
Republic Of China (1911 AD)
People’s Republic Of China (1949 AD)
Are we now clear on “Legitimacy”????
FUNNY part is that
Tibet has been a part of China the way
BEFORE US/Canada/AUS/New Zealand were
even founded by the Europeans.
Talking about “Legitimacy”???
ONCE you guys out of North American/Oceania, and
Free the natives, we shall out of Tibet in no time

1903 AD, due the weak of Qing Dynasty,
British gained control over Tibet as an colonial region
and treated them as salves

Prior to 1950 when Chinese regained Tibet,
Tibet was still in a slavery society under Dalai Lama’s puppet regime.
NOW do you really think Dalai Lama would be happy
he lost all his privileges during the slavery period?
…… “Free” Tibet ????? ── How f***ing ironic!!!!!

Dalai Lama was, and still is, funded by the
CIA to separate Tibet from China
The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet
by Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: University Press of Kansas (March 2002)
Language: English
ISBN—10: 0700611592
ISBN—13: 978—0700611591
In 1950s, CIA and the British forced the
Indian government to accept Dalai Lama in
India and been funding his campaign ever since

The Chinese government spends 200 millions (40 millions US $) a year develop Tibet, building schools, hospitals, infrastructures …

Tell you what: China is no Yugoslavia if that is what all you are trying to do.
And to the rest of you:
Britain: Scotland, Northern Ireland independence!
United States: Free Texas Republic
or just all pack up and go back to Europe
Canada: Quebec Referendum
or just al pack up leave
and give the land back to
the native people
Japan: Hokkaido Independence
Okinawa Independence
Asustralia: Stop treating the natives like crap
or just pack up leave for Europe as well.

…… Say what?? You can’t do those things?
Well then don’t f***ing expect us to do the same.
Even when Chinese Tibet has longer histories
Than some of you countries combined ……

“Free” Tibet … ?!?!?! ── Like this ?!?!?! ……
(Killing and violent scenes)
100 dead?? ── But who’s attacking whom ???

Dalai Lama and his masters from the West must be proud.

Thank you, the West, your fair news media had
never stopped attacking other countries’ sovereignty
And your governments never stop trying to
split other countries apart
But not for one second had you guys questioned
about your own existences and rule over the native people
…… So, Bravo …… and dream on …
for China to become the next Yugoslavia, Bosnia
Because we know …
… that this is our country called home …
And no one would ever, ever break it apart

制作人:情缘∮黄金少 QQ: 240851734
March 15th 2008


Written by Boathill

2008-03-15 at 22:00

Posted in News, Tibet

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