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A Little Too Little And A Little Too Late

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A Little Too Little And A Little Too Late [2008-12-29]

  I was watching CNN at the gym. One of the interesting reader’s letters to Lou Dobbs criticized the Bailout plans. Not the exact words, it said “The problem of the US was used to be that many people spent money that they did not have, while the banks lent money to people who could not pay back. Now the government is trying to spend the money that it does not have and lend the money to those who cannot pay back. As consumers and taxpayers, we feel being fooled twice.
  Well, is this just a simple “problem” if one can spend money who does not have and does not have to pay back? I think it has become corruption and crisis for a country lives in such “who cares” philosophy. As long as the debt come and go without having to work hard, everyone will support such democracy to share the value (in money). Now, both the stimulus plan and the criticism to American economy seem “a little too little and a little too late” …

  Without bailout
  No one wants to get out
  Who is stimulated?
  Who will be eliminated?
  It is a simple math
  But was taken like a great myth
  How much was consumed?
  And how much was produced?
  Everyone likes to be easy
  Who else likes the work busy?
  Better talk than walk
  Less cares than worry …
  But continuing to spend in advance
  We will survive in little chance
  Just like yesterday’s capitalism
  Becomes today’s communism


Written by Boathill

2008-12-29 at 23:00

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