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Caribbean Poems

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Caribben Poems [2008-12-30]

  Some Caribbean poems are collected here: five in English, one in Spanish, and one in Chinese.

  Puerto Rico, sand, beach, coco
  As warm as weather, rhythm, mambo, tango
  As vivid as from painter, avocado and mango
  You can enjoy a day, rest on a pillow
  You can get away, like ocean breeze blow
  After a sudden shower, skyline rainbow
  It’s an ancient mountain echo
  From thousands years ago

  Come to Barbados
  Caribbean has never been so close
  See the blue, see the beach
  It’s the sky you can reach

  Saint Lucia, West Indies’ Aloha
  Black sand beach, red and white villa
  Tropical garden fuchsia, crystal water aqua
  Trees of papaya, orchards of banana
  Drive-in volcano, diving scuba
  Waterfall spa, Coastal island flora
  Getaway vista, vacation resort umbra
  St Lucia, it is my Shangri-La

  第三个岛安提瓜,没去沙滩,只好借他山之玉(rephrased from Antigua Joe):
  A beach always near
  One per day for a whole year
  People were born with no fear
  Who want to die, there is where

  Seems I had used all the rhymes. This one became the shortest one.
  Arenas en Tortola, mucha mucha musica
  Playa blanca, una dia romantica

  A St Thomas day, a Caribbean Saturday
  An island of getaway, a place to stay
  Secret beach in Secret Bay
  Open to sunlight in a ray



Written by Boathill

2008-12-30 at 00:00

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