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Note: I used to write down some random thought or quotation on Twitter. However, the service is not very stable and friendly. It has limited characters per tweet, displays the time wrong (as a huge number), cannot add hyperlink easily, does not allow me to customize the view, becomes “over capability” sometimes, and redirects to nowhere on help page. Even worse, it started deleting older tweets couple months ago. Later, it reported as a bug of hidding tweets (instead of losing them). Anyway, if it cannot serve my needs, I have to blog the tweets here …

★、I see the world is so pretty, as the world sees in me … ──我見青山多嫵媚,料青山見我應如是(宋·辛棄疾)。
★、Give your brake a break…
★、Not all animals are created equal.
★、Walk to work, not talk to work; have goals to go, not balls to roll. Passion for mission, aptitude with attitude …
★、Fulfill a good will, mission by vision; Excess of the success, everyday by every way.
★、Anyone in a company is valuable and, at the same time, replaceable.
★、I’m going to Fiji. See you there…… [2010-02-14 16:14]
★、You were right from your side, I was left from mine (Joy Lynn White [Lyrics])
★、Some drink water, some drink beer / Some don’t need anything but I end up here … (Julie Roberts “Chasin’ Whiskey” [Lyrics])
★、阿凡达 (Avatar, 2009) 是一部反映外星土著人民勇敢保卫家园、打击美帝国主义侵略者的影片。[2010-01-31 12:31]
★、American movies: while your kids are watching PG, some psycho and serial killers are watching Rated R.
★、Layoff: If you won’t retire in a company, the company retires you. [2010-01-29 15:20]
★、病痛感觉:一半是海水,一半是火焰…… [2010-01-26 09:58]
★、Learning to learn can be learned.
★、It used to be eating fruits after the meal. Now doctors suggest “before the meal”. In case they got it wrong again, I eat WITH the meal now.
★、Non-science is nonsense …
★、Open mind and free mind do not mind the same mind.
★、Money comes in bad way goes in bad way too …
★、One can give without loving, but cannot love without giving. (Amy Carmichael)
★、The stock market in the US is a machine gun invented to shoot people in the head (or sometimes in heart) without damaging anything else.
★、I wrote down nonsenses so that I did not have to speak out.
★、PhD = Possibly head Damaged
★、If a bachelor is a bachelor, a MBA could be married but available …
★、What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning. (Heisenberg)
★、It’s not me to dream the world; the world has me dreamed.
★、Where there is a will, there is a way …
★、I set a goal to go, the world is for my talent to show …
★、My dream came true in my dream.
★、Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. (William Jennings Bryan)
★、If education is a door, I am a four-bedroom house …
★、SDET = Scenic Development Editor in Taking Pictures
★、Icy mooncake – to celebrate Chinese tradition, legend, and festival. [2007-09-13 11:11 via im]
★、Now I have mooncake so that I don’t need dinner. [2007-09-10 14:39 via im]
★、Play another summer weekend, or back to work? 2007-09-10 08:21 via im]
★、You know what? — I don’t know…
★、In case you don’t know, I am doing fine… [2007-09-06 13:27]
★、Moving into next mood … [2007-08-31 09:16]
★、I am hanging around between vacations … [2007-07-02 13:31]
★、I become a millionaire in a nightmare; but I am actually a prince, in your dream. [2007-06-29 08:49]
★、Twitter – when I am not lazzy enough … [2007-06-28 11:42]
★、Doing research on how to make my poems readable to aliens in next 1000 years. [2007-06-28 09:41]


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2010-08-12 at 07:00

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