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Since earlier 2012 started translating “Set Fire To The Rain” (to Chinese), then getting into more Adele lyrics in last couple months, finally done 12 songs based on her “Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2011)” DVD (There is no BlueRay edition yet and the DVD quality is not the best, although it includes a bonus CD). Left a few songs (e.g. “Love Song”) not translated, this project has come to close.

In general, Adele songs are great music to listen (specially due to her voice). But the lyrics (in original English) are not very poetic (in the sense of poetry prospect of Chinese literature). Without liking the performance so much, it would be hard to complete the translation for so many of her songs. Now Adele has become another great accomplishment in my Chinese lyrics collection after ABBA and Boney M.



沒留下一词,你如此地绝情,  No final kiss to seal anything,
在爱与恨之间我分不出输赢。  I had no idea of the state we were in

若非兩情成永愛(有時兩情終成愛),  Sometimes it lasts in love but
惟余傷心和無奈(有時只剩下傷害)。  Sometimes it hurts instead

你的愛还有没有,    There’s a side to you
譲我猜不透、猜不透;  That I never knew, never knew
你所有的安慰,     All the things you’d say
從来難信守、難信守。  They were never true, never true

你的机会,再给我一次  So come on and give me the chance
来证明我注定伴你一世  To prove that I’m the one who can
和你厮守直到轮回复始  Walk that mile until the end starts

In order to enjoy the songs or the live concert, all lyrics have been converted to *.srt subtitile files and uploaded to skydrive (see link at the bottom). The subtitles are in both English and Chinese (UTF-8 encoded). At the same time, for poetic reading, visit Divertida LZ’s blog where most such translated lyrics are posted. Wish this entertains to cover Adele songs in Chinese poetic way!



00:00:39 – Hometown Glory /《故国荣光》#
00:06:05 – I Will Be Waiting /《我会一直等候》#
00:10:58 – Don’t You Remember /《無愛的挽歌》#
00:17:16 – Turning Tables /《旋转之桌》#
00:21:23 – Set The Fire To The Rain /《雨落情逝心已焚》#
00:27:49 – If It Hadn t Been For Love /《如果不是为了爱》#
00:33:28 – My Same /《依然是朋友》#
00:38:40 – Take It All /《让一切都带走》#
00:43:47 – Rumour Has It /《流言无忌》#
00:47:39 – Right As Rain
00:52:46 – One & Only /《爱的唯一》#
01:00:55 – Lovesong /《爱之歌》
01:07:25 – Chasing Pavements /《追逐》
01:12:03 – I Can’t Make You Love Me /《无能为力》
01:17:55 – Make You Feel My Love /《让你感到我的爱》
01:26:39 – Someone Like You /《此情依旧/如你一样》#
01:33:08 – Rolling In The Deep /《沦陷回忆里》#

★视频:天碟目录 (to download video and *.srt subtitle files)


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