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Beyond – Under A Vask Sky

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Under A Vast Sky               海闊天空Go to (Beyond)

英文填詞:舟山 (English Lyrics: Boathill)

The cold night snow is drifting thru my feelings grow
With a broken heart I’m gone for the road too long
In the wind and rain, I don’t know to where I belong
Sky vast and ocean wide but how we can (do as we can)

All the years, all the ridicule that I knew
Never give it up to my dream and my song
Dimly an instant, lost my mind and my soul
Imperceptibly fade away, it’s the love (of mine who know)

Forgive me, choosing the way of my life I let go
Sometimes there’s weakness I have to show ~
Desert a dream, anyone can do
As long as the world has me and you

Holding life that endow
Forever singing as now
A long way to go

中文词曲: 黄家驹

今天我 寒夜里看雪飘过
风雨里追赶 雾里分不清影踪
天空海阔你与我 可会变(谁没在变)

多少次 迎著冷眼与嘲笑
一刹那恍惚 若有所失的感觉
不知不觉已变淡 心里爱(谁明白我)

背弃了理想 谁人都可以
那会怕有一天 只你共我




Written by Boathill

2013-06-02 at 11:20

Posted in Lyrics

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