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PicasaWeb full-size download

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First of all, since Google+ was introduced, PicasaWeb has been automatically redirecting to, which makes the URL longer and harder to remember, as well as missing some traditional PicasaWeb features/links (for example, “Linked Galleries”, “Sort”, Album Locations, and etc.). Note the transform from PicasaWeb to Google+ albums is from


But other Google+ links (e.g. about/profile, posts) are actually starting after the id:


Recently, Google adds a “Click here to go back to Picasa Web Albums” tab (in a light yellow background, for about a minute) over the top of Google+ albums. If the tab disappears, press F5 to refresh the page and get it back. The URL is using a “?noredirect=1query string to retain the Picasa Web.

Once in an album, each photo opened on PicasaWeb has an image URL (when you use “Save As”, or “Copy Image URL” link from context menu), like this:

However, the above link is only the image rendered in a browser. Depending on the system (e.g. PC, tablet, or phone device) and browser window, the size could be “s512”, “s640”, or “s800” (as the width of the image, or something like “w640-h480-no”, as dynamic rendering size, on Google+ page). For now the width can go up to 2560 (“s2560”) but never be the full size of the original uploaded picture.

In order to download the original photo, just simply change this “size path” to “d” or “s0-d“.

Caution: The changed link will pop up Download dialog instead of rendering the image. DO NOT use the URL in HTML <img src="" />. And hope this protocol stays …


Written by Boathill

2014-07-18 at 23:00

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