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Chinese in Translation

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Here collects some translation in Chinese.


★、丛林法则不是人类共存之道。原文:丛林法则不是人类共存之道,强权独霸不是人类和平和发展之策。(The Law of the Jungle and hegemonic policies will not benefit coexistence, peace and development for all mankind.)
★、中国这头狮子已经醒了。原文:拿破仑说过,中国是一头沉睡的狮子,当这头睡狮醒来时,世界都会为之发抖。中国这头狮子已经醒了,但这是一只和平的、可亲的、文明的狮子。(Napoleon Bonaparte once said that China “is a sleeping lion,” and “when China wakes up, the world will shake.” In fact, the lion of China has awoken, but what the world sees now, is a peaceful, amiable, civilized lion.)
★、任何一项事业,都需要远近兼顾、深谋远虑。原文:……远近兼顾、深谋远虑,杀鸡取卵、竭泽而渔式的发展是不会长久的。(Any cause we undertake will require due attention to both short and long-range targets, taking into account both immediate and long-term interests. Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and draining a pond to catch fish is no formula for sustainable development.)
★、任何进步都不是直线的,有曲折也有反复。原文:越是在困难的时候,越要坚定信心。应该看到,任何进步都不是直线的,有曲折也有反复。(The more difficulties we face, the more confidence we must have. We should be aware that any progress is not made along a straight line, but with twists and turns.)
★、像到兄弟家中探访一样。原文:This will be my first trip to Pakistan, but I feel as if I am going to visit the home of my own brother.
★、大海之阔,非一流之归也。原文:大海之阔,非一流之归也。正是两国人民源源不断的相互理解和友谊,汇聚成了中澳友好关系之海。(The ocean is vast because it emits numerous rivers. It is the steady streams of mutual and understanding friendship between our peoples that have created the vast ocean of good will between China and Australia.)
★、宽广的太平洋有足够空间容纳中美两个大国。原文:我始终认为,宽广的太平洋有足够的空间容纳中美两个大国。中美双方应该加强对话,增信释疑,促进合作,确保中美关系始终不偏离构建新型大国关系的轨道。(The broad Pacific Ocean is vast enough to embrace both China and the United States. I hope that the two sides would work together to enhance mutual trust, reduce doubt, and boost cooperation through more dialogues, to ensure that the bilateral ties would consistently grow along the right track of the new type of major-country relationship.)
★、强不执弱,富不侮贫;国虽大,好战必亡。原文:中华民族历来爱好和平,和平、和睦、和谐的追求深深植根于中华民族的精神世界之中。中国自古就倡导“强不执弱,富不侮贫”,深刻总结了“国虽大,好战必亡”的箴言。(The pursuit of peace, amity and harmony is an integral part of the Chinese character. China has all along believed that “the strong should not oppress the weak and the rich should not bully the poor.” Even in ancient times, China already came to the conclusion that “a warlike state, however big it may be, will eventually perish.”)
★、志合者,不以山海为远。原文:中国和澳大利亚虽然远隔重洋,但历史和现实的纽带将我们紧紧连在一起。(As a Chinese saying goes: “Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.” Despite the geographical distance between us, China and Australia have been closely linked by history and reality.)
★、摒弃冷战思维,拒绝零和博弈。原文:要以史为鉴,摒弃冷战思维,拒绝零和博弈,共同维护地区和世界和平稳定。(The BRICS nations should draw lesson from history, abandon the Cold War mentality and zero-sum game, to jointly safeguard world and regional peace and stability.)
★、既可以酒逢知己千杯少,也可以品茶品味品人生。原文:正如中国人喜欢茶而比利时人喜爱啤酒一样,茶的含蓄内敛和酒的热烈奔放代表了品味生命、解读世界的两种不同方式。但是,茶和酒并不是不可兼容的,既可以酒逢知己千杯少,也可以品茶品味品人生。(The Chinese people are fond of tea and Belgians love beer. To me, the moderate tea drinker and passionate beer lover represent two ways of understanding life and knowing the world, and I find them equally rewarding. When good friends get together, they may want to drink to their hearts content to show their friendship. They may also choose to sit down quietly and drink tea while chatting about their lives.)
★、物之不齐,物之情也。原文:文明交流互鉴不应该以独尊某一种文明或者贬损某一种文明为前提。中国人在2000多年前就认识到了“物之不齐,物之情也”的道理。(Exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations must not be built on the exclusive praise or belittling of one particular civilization. As early as over 2,000 years ago, the Chinese people came to recognize that “it is only natural for things to be different”.)
★、相知无远近,万里尚为邻。原文:这句中国古诗是中国同拉美和加勒比国家关系的真实写照。(“Bosom friends make distance disappear.” This line from an ancient Chinese poem well captures the relations between China and Latin America and the Caribbean.)
★、真、实、亲、诚。原文:对待非洲朋友,我们讲一个“真”字。真朋友最可贵。开展对非合作,我们讲一个“实”字。加强中非友好,我们讲一个“亲”字。解决合作中的问题,我们讲一个“诚”字。(In treating African friends, we stress the importance of “sincerity”. True friends are the most valuable. In conducting cooperation with Africa, we stress the importance of “real results”. In strengthening China-Africa friendship, we stress the importance of “affinity”. In resolving problems that may crop up in cooperation, we stress the importance of “good faith”.)
★、缺的是勇气、胸襟、视野。原文:友谊建立在尊重、信任、包容基础上,国家交往亦是如此。当前,全面深化中德关系,缺的不是利益契合和共同目标,而是勇气、胸襟、视野。(Friendship is based on mutual respect, trust and accommodation, so are state-to-state relations. What is lacking in deepening China-Germany relations in all areas is not converging interests or common goals, but courage, broad-mindedness and vision.)
★、鞋子合不合脚,自己穿着才知道。原文:鞋子合不合脚,自己穿着才知道。一个国家的发展道路合不合适,只有这个国家的人民才最有发言权。(Whether the shoe fits or not, only the wearer him(her)self knows. It is the people of a country that are in the best position to judge the path of development they have chosen for themselves.)


乔 叟 Geoffrey Chaucer
叔本华 Schopenhauer
叶利钦 Е́льцин(姓)俄罗斯总统
叶 芝 William Bultler Yeats(姓)爱尔兰诗人
商博良 Jean-François Champollion 历史学家,语言学家
图 灵 Alan Mathison Turing(姓)
基辛格 Henry Alfred Kissinger
孔复礼 Philip Alden Kuhn
尚万强 Jean Valjean
张伯伦 Chamberlain 英国首相&篮球皇帝 (姓)
李嘉图 Ricardo(姓)英国经济学家
李斯特 Liszt(姓)匈牙利作曲家
济 慈 John Keats(姓)英国诗人
王尔德 Wilde(姓)英国作家
白求恩 Bethune(姓)医生
简 爱 Jane Eyre
罗 素 Russell(姓)英国哲学家
聂鲁达 Neruda(姓)智利诗人
肖 邦 Chopin(姓)波兰作曲家
萧伯纳 George Bernard Shaw
葛兰言 Marcel Granet 法国汉学家
薛定谔 Schrödinger(名字)奥地利物理学家
裘 德 Jude(名)小说人物
裴多菲 Petőfi(名)匈牙利诗人
詹明信 Jameson(姓)文学理论研究者
赫胥黎 Huxley (姓)博物学者
邓 肯 Duncan(姓)NBA球员
雪 莱 Percy Bysshe Shelly 英国诗人
香 农 Claude Elwood Shannon
马克思 Karl Marx(姓)哲学家
马若德 Roderick MacFarquhar
高尔基 Горький(姓)作家
史迪威 Joseph Warren Stilwell(姓)
汤若望 Johann Adam Schall von Bell
南怀仁 Ferdinand Verbiest
利玛窦 Matteo Ricci

戴麟趾 David Clive Crosble Trench 港督
梅含理 Francis Henry May 港督
杨慕琦 Mark Aitchison Young 港督
卫奕信 David Wilson 港督
彭定康 Christopher Francis Patten 港督

卫礼贤 Richard Wilhelm 汉学家
史景迁 Jonathan D. Spence 汉学家
司徒琳 Lynn A.Struve 汉学家
周锡瑞 Joseph Esherick 汉学家
夏含夷 Edward L. Shaughnessy 汉学家
牟复礼 Frederick W. Mote mouful 汉学家
谢和耐 Jacques Gernet 汉学家
费正清 John King Fairbank 汉学家
马伯乐 Henri Maspero 汉学家
高本汉 Klas Bernhard Johannes Karlgren 汉学家
高罗佩 Robert Hans van Gulik
鲁惟一 Michael Loewe 汉学家


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