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Welcome to the site of my poetry, and a collection of poems, photographs, lyrics, internet digest, discussions, news, and etc. Chinese text encoded in UTF-8. And thanks to themes of The Journalist (by Lucian Marin), Garland (by Steven Wittens), Silver-Black, Blue-Green, Sandbox, Rubric, or INove (by NeoEase) …

Boathill was taken from boat+hill in Chinese. It may sound like boat’s hill but I really imagine to see a bourn set in mind with a picture of a light boat rest by a garden hill as painted in Chinese style. There is a river or a creek, and there could be a clear moon in a crystal night … anywhere far from city close to nature …

I believe that Chinese poem is the highest form of literature in the history to represent dramatic and abstract colorful world and mind. – Boathill

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Written by Boathill

2009-08-31 at 17:37

4 Responses

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  1. It would be for a printed brochure for a local Renton WA dentist. He’s sending out 40,000 brochures over the course of several months and you photo of the lake would make a perfect cover. My backup plan is a demographically appropriate smiling family, but I’d prefer a locale. No we’re not a non-profit. Audience will be families in a 20-mile radius around the Dr’s office.

    Thanks for the speedy reply and keep up the good work!

    Eric Fischnaller

    2014-07-28 at 11:57

  2. Would it be possible to use one of your photos for a printed brochure cover? Your photos of the Renton WA area are really stunning and I’ve found nothing else so appropriate on the web. If so, what would be the cost?

    Eric Fischnaller

    2014-07-28 at 11:26

    • Hi Eric, Please describe the audience and content of your brochure, and indicate if you working for non-profit organization. Best regards.


      2014-07-28 at 11:47

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